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No Way To Go But Digital …

We all know that Video conferencing software and video chat applications have seen a huge surge in demand as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In March, video conferencing apps saw a record 62 million downloads.

Unsurprisingly, in response to the coronavirus outbreak, B2B brands in the United States reallocated resources from live events to webinars, among others. In fact it was found that between February and March 2020, the number of brands offering webinars grew by 36 percent, from 245 to 332.

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Is Webinar a right B2B Content Marketing Strategy ?

Here are some of the statistics to consider:

Most effective content types in demand generation during various stages of buyer’s journey according to B2B marketers in North America as of July 2018 [Statista]

It’s clear from the data that B2B Buyers now are looking at the content before getting in touch with any salesperson.

Why B2B Webinars work?

It’s 2019, and the buying process has changed from sales-driven to buyer-driven. Pushy salespeople are now getting out of jobs. Preferred Sales communication style is informative rather than persuasive. The new trend is that buyers do their research, read the reviews and then decide to get in touch with the salesperson. The new customer is much more informed than ever before. This informed customer will get in touch with the company that helped him receive information in the middle stage of his buying process. If you have not provided him with any information during the middle stage of his buying process, it’s unlikely for you to receive that call. A webinar is an effective way to build that bridge right in the middle stages of the buying process.

How is the ROI on Webinars?

Because of their demand generation and customer engagement effectiveness, webinars are fast becoming one of the most significant contributors to a company’s marketing success. Webinar benefits include the ability to:

  • Attract new prospects
  • Improve the quality of your sales leads
  • Significantly reduce your cost per lead

Because the sales process in a B2B scenario is far more time consuming than direct selling to consumers, it’s critical to implement a thorough marketing plan to drive results. Fortunately, the return on investment (or ROI) is often well worth the additional efforts as your cost per lead is significantly reduced, and the quality of leads generated through webinars is high.

How to pick the right webinar software?

The software should have a user friendly interface. The software should be able to host flawless and productive webinars regardless of device and operating system. Moreover, tracking the webinar metrics (KPIs) is one of the most important feature that you would like to look for to analyze the trends.


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