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2019 Social Media Platforms’ User Demographics

One of the defining phenomena of the present times is social media. With the increasing internet penetration in the world, number of worldwide users are expected to reach 3.02 billion by 2021. At present, there are 2.77 billion social media users around the globe, up from 2.46 billion in 2017.

Here’s a closer look at the key stats of the 2019 to help you proceed to the necessary changes to your social media tactics.

1) A majority of Social Media users worldwide use Facebook and YouTube

2) 32% of Fb users fall in the age group of 25-34 years

3) 500 Million of Fb users come from USA & India

4) Teenagers in America heavily use Snapchat & Instagram making it more of a parent-free zone.

5) Most users use Facebook

Based on the above mentioned graphs , it can be concluded that FB is an undisputed market leader in the world of social media with over 2.27 bn followers worldwide. However, country specific data should be checked to understand the actual trends in implementing your social media tactics.


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