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Search for a job is usually tied with the skill set that one possesses to deliver productivity and to earn more money. A situation whereby several graduates coming out of the university do not have the skill required at the workplace is appalling.

A lot of reasons are attributed to this gap between their university education and the required skill set at the workplace. For starters, many people study courses they don’t have the passion for. Others have no STEM or art-related skills that can come handy at the workplace. The last is they lack the work-related knowledge needed to thrive in a new environment.

Are you Career Ready?

Most times, people go for in-demand courses like medicine, law, accounting, IT and lots more even though they lack the passion for it. For that reason, instead of wasting your time and money in a saturated market, it might be better spent on acquiring skills that pay better.

Moreover, companies not wanting to invest in training the new employees is making job seekers more prepared nowadays. They are becoming creative and utilizing new strategies to become more competitive in the market. This not only ensures an invitation to the interview but also gives them an edge over other candidates. Some of those skills can be obtained digitally via ‘digital courses’ that can teach those high paying skills that are needed for survival in the corporate world.

Here are some of the best places you can learn the skills you want to move your career in the direction of your choice.

Learn from Fiverr

Fiverr Learning provides digital marketing courses from vetted professionals on the Fiverr platform. They sell and teach courses ranging from social media strategy, blog content strategy, logo, graphic design etc. They provide no certificates, and the average cost is $50.


Edureka is an instructor-led online and e-learning centre where you can choose to learn via live interactive online sessions. They have an extensive range of IT courses such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and much more. They also have an online Masters Program for those looking to start a career in IT. The Masters program can be completed in 9 months, with 450+ hours of training. The value lies in the fact that you learn from the industry experts in the comfort of your home and graduate with a high-value degree. Check out the courses here.

Most of the certification courses range from $300 to $500. Masters program may cost from $3k to $4k.


They are pioneers in e-learning and are providing online education for the last 18 years. They offer high-end, top of the range online training in a variety of courses such as IT, accounting, project management along with a variety of hobby courses such as yoga and photography to name a few. Their price range varies from $200 to $ 2000. Check out the courses here.


Quickstart is an online IT certification course centre that caters for popular courses required by professionals in the industry. Often with a subscription for individuals and the workforce, they focus on cloud computing and Microsoft computing. They charge a monthly subscription of $39.99 to provide you with access to 700+ courses. Check out the pricing plans here.

Cisco Learning Network

Cisco learning courses include Cisco certification training and classes that focus on Cisco products and technologies. Their training and certification programs offer a direct route to your technology career aspirations. Courses categories include IoT, Cloud, Data, Security, to name a few. They offer 5 levels of certification – Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert and Architect. Check out the courses here.


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