Why Digital Sales should be part of your Strategy

People going online for every little query of theirs is a common phenomenon in this day and age. This is greatly transforming the selling landscape. The traditional ways of selling are struggling these days to have an impact they once had. If you are serious about empowering your sales efforts and increasing your revenue, then digital technology is a crucial piece of that puzzle. Today’s technology can totally transform the sales function within your organization. Read further to understand some of the ways digital age is disrupting the sales process.

Sales as a ‘Push’ Activity

Sales process took longer in the past because of the more extended periods it took to close deals. You first had to approach the clients through cold calls then talk about the product features, benefits to the customers, handle objections and then follow up multiple times to convince them. All this to make a single sale. In the end, the salesperson is paid with a commission for only the sold deals, adding more expenses to the company.

Each activity in the sales process had its difficulties. From lead-generation to pre-sales to follow-ups, the whole process was led by the salesperson and was more of a ‘Push’ activity.

What Has Changed?

Digital marketing, together with email marketing, has made the sales process even more comfortable. It presents the buyer with text, audio (webinars, podcasts) and visual (images, videos, infographics) content to coerce them towards making a sale. Today’s buyer wants to be well informed before getting in touch.

In this age of Information, the buyer has changed and wants to lead the buying process. That’s why a good website can provide them with the product/service portfolios, FAQ, and chatbots. That will help them with their queries, allowing the customers to place orders when they are ready rather than at the time proposed by the seller.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter run their ads, targeting several demographics of their users to boost sales. The available inbound marketing tools are far more efficient than most of the old selling strategy we know.

What Influences Buyers’ Purchase Decisions?

Interestingly, marketing to Gen Xers (born between the mid-60s and early 80s) requires a different approach than targeting Millennials, who practically live their entire lives online. Here, online consumer reviews are very important, as they can make or break the deal for you. Some good reviews can just make your product/service an easy sell.

Online Advertising Market

These days ‘selling’ and ‘marketing’ are often used in a similar context. There is no difference between both, while traditional ways differentiate them.

In 2018, internet advertising revenue officially passed the $100 billion mark growing by about 386 percent in about a decade. Today, digital selling is not just an option; it is a surviving strategy in this rapidly growing digital economy because of the way the buyer wants to interact with the businesses.

To drive growth within companies, it is important to get data and insights to anticipate buyer interests, and technology makes it easily available. Moreover, it makes you sell while you sleep. So, if you have not implemented a good digital sales strategy, it’s time to jump right in to it before you lose your market share.


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