Why Unbounce Is The Best Landing Page Builder?

Conversions happen after the click. Directing your paid ads to landing pages customized to a campaign creates a more persuasive experience resulting in higher conversions and saved ad dollars. When you’ve optimized your ads and aren’t seeing any more gains, landing pages and targeted popups give you an edge.



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What is Unbounce

In-house landing page creation can be costly and time-consuming. There can be many roadblocks, including talent gaps and development roadblocks. With tools such as Unbounce, any member of a marketing team can create customized landing pages, regardless of their technical skills. There’s less waiting for developers and designers, and more publishing, optimizing, and — what really matters —converting.

Unbounce is a conversion platform for marketing and paid advertising campaigns. Its drag-and-drop builder lets anyone create customized landing pages, popups, and sticky bars that convert more visitors and make ad spend go further. No Dev support is needed.

Marketing automation (MA) platforms such as HubSpot often include landing page builders. While marketing automation is the primary strength of these platforms, landing pages are the primary strength of Unbounce. That means Unbounce’s landing page builder is far more advanced than those found in other tools.

Why Unbounce is the best Lead Generation tool

Here are a few reasons why marketers often find greater value in using Unbounce:

1. Flexibility and Customization

Unbounce is far more flexible and supports more creative freedom than any other platform. Users can match any brand guidelines using the drag-and- drop builder and add custom script for further fine-tuning. The best way to experience this is by using the Unbounce Builder Preview.

2. Popups and Sticky Bars

Marketers can use popups and sticky bars on any web page (not just Unbounce pages) and target specific user segments.

3. Easily integrate with the marketing tools you already use

Marketers can instantly connect to over 60 apps within Unbounce. And thanks to a direct integration with WordPress, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Zapier, Salesforce and another 900 more—without ever leaving the platform. They can also quickly connect to Google Analytics or embed tracking pixels and scripts across pages with Script Manager.

4. Mobile Builder

Unbounce allows marketers to fully customize their mobile landing page experience, which can be completely different from their desktop experience.

5. Customer Success

Unbounce’s support team is the best in the business (with an NPS score consistently over 80) and offers phone, in-app live chat and email support on every plan.

6. Testing and Analytics

Unlike competitors, Unbounce offers every customer on every plan the ability to use A/B testing and integrate with Google Analytics.

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