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Instagram Marketing Tips to Fuel Your Business Growth

Instagram is one of the leading social media networks today. As per a report published by Pew Research Center, Instagram use is especially high among younger adults in the US, and this is higher than other social media platforms.

If your target audience is between the age of 18 and 45, Instagram is a great platform to reach your potential customers. Instagram’s connect with its young audience is based on ‘Creativity’ and ‘Passion’. If your business brand gets successful in striking a balance with the brand ‘Instagram’, you will rise more squarely on this platform than you would have risen on any other social media platform.

Instagram Tips for Business Marketing

Go for an Instagram Business Profile

Unlike Instagram Individual profiles, an Instagram business profile will have access to a number of exclusive features such as in-depth analytics, ad promotions, schedule and auto-publish. One thing to keep in mind that business profiles cannot go private.

Locations and hashtags

The location of the Instagram follower is essential if you run your strata to target audience from a particular area. On Instagram, it is called a custom audience. Using the right hashtags and custom audience based on their location can drive sales and increase your followers as well.


Gaining followers and engagement

Most people prefer gaining followers to engagement and vice versa. Every follower is important to you as long you use the proper channel to get them. Get quality Instagram followers interested in your niche. So how do you gain quality followers to pitch to?

Daily hashtag: Posting contents every day is a beautiful way to gather attention, but if you don’t direct it to the right audience, it could be a problem. A long and empty post with no engagement isn’t what you bargained for. At this point, it is important to start introducing hashtags to your post. Target the tags that are popular in your niche and use them on your post.

Engage on leading hashtags: Aside from posting with a hashtag, one of the best ways to grow the right followers is to comment daily on leading hashtags in your niche every day. A well-scripted comment can generate a lot of buzz over Instagram and draw you close to the right audience for your product.

Engage replies to your post: When people drop comments or ask questions related to your post on Instagram, reply to them. And sound very professional when you respond to direct messages as well.

Use Infographics on your post: Infographics combine the power of text and visual to pass a resounding message in the content. An Infographic post gets likes because of its relevance. Channel that with the right hashtag, your post might go viral.

Write great captions

It is not enough to leave your image, video or infographics just hanging there, spice them up with great captions and enjoy the thrill. Captions will make people visit your page because they feel moved.

Post compelling contents

Hire a copywriter or do it yourself. Drop contents that are mind-boggling and interesting for your audience to relate. It will put you on the pedestal of your niche when you do it consistently. Great contents get likes and retweets that have a multiplier effect hanging on them.

Stay consistent

It is not easy to manage an Instagram business account, but the keyword is “consistency”. Many people might follow your page. But the only way to stay in their faces is to be consistent. Be consistent with offers, bonuses, gift, and promotions. Staying true to your content will help you carve a niche for yourself.

Ad promotions

Instagram ads act quite differently from other social media networks in the sense that, it targets active users who fit the profile of an audience and not just anybody. It is also location-based, which gives Instagram marketers a considerable advantage during promos.

Instagram might be the next best thing for your business if you consistently build your brand. Many people hang on to influencers too quickly on Instagram without first building their brand, and it affects them adversely.

Not saying using influencers to market on Instagram isn’t a good thing, but building your brand should come first.



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