I give what I get : Dr Krishna Puttaparthi

In this era of ‘Give and Take’, where Community service is an abused term and hides behind various business models, there still exist few rare gems who truly believe in the ideology of ‘Give and Get’. Asian Aces has brought you a story of such a gem who believes in setting the culture right for generations to follow.

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People should help people – If you don’t help people, people won’t help you. I am not doing anything great. I help because when I came to this country, somebody helped me – I give what I get.”

Dr Krishna Puttaparthi arrived in Dallas, Texas in 1987 from a small village of Penukonda, located in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Upon his arrival in the US, he paved his way in the field of education and later, went on to establish himself as a recognized Research faculty member at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. Despite having an excellent career at the medical centre, he felt compelled to do more for the community and began helping other fellow Indians arriving at the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Over the years, he has helped many in getting a foothold in the city. His journey can be best measured in his admirers.

Today, he is a recognized and reputable member of the Indian Community, an established Research Scientist (Neurology), and media & entertainment Industry leader in the making.

Asian Aces had an opportunity to meet and greet Dr Puttaparthi. He shared his experiences exclusively with Asian Aces about the City of Dallas, his involvement in the community and his vision for his new venture iAsia TV.

For last 30 years, you have been serving the Indian Community in Dallas. What makes you unstoppable? What is your motivation?

I have found that doing what I do satisfies me and provides inner happiness. Sometimes I have seen people in pain-without any resources – no food and no shelter. Whatever I could do to gather resources and help people, I did. I think it’s not a big thing.  This is the least a person can do for those in desperate need. I request other people to do the same.  Giving back to the community should be the ultimate goal for everyone.

I have been associated with various organizations such as Sewa Bhutanese Empowerment, an organization working for the welfare of Bhutanese Refugees. I happened to be one of the fortunate individuals who got this opportunity to help these people. Some of the people whom I helped 10 years ago to kickstart their lives, now lead happy lives, and this makes me feel extremely content.

Maybe, this sense of contentment is my motivation – It comes from within. However, my wife Sujatha and both my boys have been very supportive all along the way. Without my wife’s support, my journey would not have been possible.

Has Dallas fulfilled your dreams?

Dallas has given me a lot. I have achieved all that I have wanted. I am in a happy space.

How the Indian culture in Dallas is changing or has changed in these many years. Where do you see it is going?

Indian culture has been growing. Thirty years ago, we used to celebrate Indian festivals in our backyard with close friends and relatives. Now, we celebrate these festivals on a bigger scale, where thousands of people have the opportunity to participate and contribute. This also provides an opportunity for kids to learn and discover more about their roots and culture. It will grow more and more. Having said that, we should be very responsible in making sure that we bring the positive cultural elements and reject the negative ones.

Seven years ago, you co-founded Desi Plaza along with a partner. Recently, you called it quits. What made you end this seven yr old relationship.

I co-founded Desi Plaza and poured my heart and soul into it. Along the way, I realized that my former associate and I shared two completely different ideologies and visions. These personality differences made me walk away from the partnership.

You have recently started iAsia TV in Partnership with Mr Ram Chittoor, please tell our readers about iAsia and how does it make a difference in an Asian’s life.

iAsia TV is a full-on entertainment and informational initiative. It is an online channel that offers programs in various south-east Asian languages such as Chinese, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Nepalese and much more. It’s a celebration of south-east Asian culture and its core cultural values.

The Asian population in Dallas is growing. What is that one important lesson that you learned over these many years that you would like to pass on to the new expats in this city?

In my experience, I have seen that some individuals tend to forget their culture and their roots and assimilate completely into the American culture. I have also seen that some people tend to completely stay in their culture and never try to learn American culture. Where is the balance? There can be good and not so good things in any culture, but as I said earlier, the only way to move forward should be to take the positives from any society or culture and reject the negatives.
Moreover, my message to today’s youth is ‘ Education is important for your future, please take it seriously.’
And my message to parents ‘Please trust your kids, be friendly with them and don’t pressurize them.’

About the Interviewer:

The Interviewer is the Lead Writer and Founder at Asian Aces.


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  1. FANTASTIC Interview!! I wish you all the best in all your future endeavors. I can say that you have been by my side through some good times, and some tough times and through thick and thin..and of Course you made it with Sujatha and your two sons, who are SHINING GEMS!! I KNOW YOU ARE JUST GETTING STARTED..AND GREAT THINGS ARE IN STORE FOR YOU..GOD BLESS AND GOD SPEED..

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