While many of the discounts seen in the Black Friday sales are the odd £20 or £50 here and there, it's the bigger savings that always stand out. Philips is encouraging buyers to splash out on its top-end OLED televisions, with a sizeable £500-£600 discount on their 55 and 65-inch sets – until midnight on Monday 26 November (Cyber Monday).

That's for the Philips OLED 803, a 4K smart TV with HDR (High Dynamic Range), HDR10+ compatibility and built-in Google Assistant. And for it's sibling television, the Philips OLED 903+, which comes with built-in Bowers & Wilkins speakers for an all-round complete AV package.

OLED displays are… stunning, to be honest. They may not have the lengthy lifespans of their LED counterparts, but you'll still get a 2-year guarantee with both sets from Currys.

These savings will still be out of reach of many buyers, given the initial high price points – but £500 could also be the difference between impossible and merely difficult purchases.

What's notable is that these sets only released to the UK market over the last couple of months. Seeing such big discounts so early in a model's life is rare, so it might be a good chance to get your hands on a brand-new telly without waiting another year for it to drop in price. If you think you can manage it, have a look at the deals we've listed below – otherwise whizz over to our Black Friday TV deals page.

Philips OLED TV Black Friday deals

OLED TV Black Friday deals

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